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4 Tips That Help You Get Better Gas Mileage

By June 28, 2022October 14th, 2022No Comments

If you are like many people, you want to reduce your monthly gas expense. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for the price of gas to drop to reduce how much it costs you each month. Instead, improve your gas mileage with these easy tips.

Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter provides fresh air to your engine. To do that efficiently, the air filter must be clean. With the lack of clean air, your engine will not have the optimal mix of air and gas to perform as it should. To compensate, your engine may use more gas. You can avoid this by changing your filter as prescribed by your manufacturer.

Maintain the Right Air Pressure in Your Tires

Another problem that can cause you to use more gas is low air pressure in your tires. When your tires are low on pressure your engine must work harder to perform as usual, which requires more gas. You should check your air pressure each week to make sure your tires have the right pressure.

A Tune Up Will Reduce Gas Consumption

Your spark plugs are a part of your engine. Although small, they have a huge effect on how well your car performs. When they aren’t working as they should, they may cause your engine to siphon gas at an accelerated rate.

In the end, poorly performing spark plugs can eat up your monthly fuel budget. To reduce your gas expense, get a tune up and change your spark plugs.

Watch Your RPMs

Fast take-offs or accelerating down the highway raises your RPMs. Fast acceleration can cause your engine to use more gas.

You can monitor your RPMs by looking at the gauge on your dashboard. Consider keeping your RPMs low so that your engine requires less torque to move forward.

Reducing your mileage may save you gas money each month. It may also reduce your chances of getting into a car accident. Safe drivers can reduce the rate they pay for auto insurance. You can also reduce your car insurance by shopping around.

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