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Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Theft?

By July 6, 2021October 7th, 2022No Comments

Motorcycle insurance is a great tool for protecting yourself and your bike in the event of an accident. But what about when you’re not out on the open road?

Did you know that motorcycles are a popular target for theft? Without the right protection, you could end up losing your bike in this situation, or paying out of pocket to replace stolen parts.

Your Motorcycle May Be a Target for Theft

Your bike may be attractive to thieves for a variety of different reasons including:

  • Motorcycles are much easier to steal than a car.
  • Newer models often feature remote ignition.
  • Motorcycles rarely have an anti-theft device.
  • Thieves can sell bikes whole or break them up and sell off the parts.
  • Many motorcycles have expensive aftermarket parts and accessories.

When you go online to shop for motorcycle insurance, it’s normal to have a few questions about theft. While bodily injury and property damage coverage might make you feel safe on the road, extra coverage options for theft or vandalism are worth considering.

What Are My Additional Coverage Options?

If you plan on adding extra accessories to your bike, be sure to check out all your coverage options before you buy. A few great options that can help to protect your bike include:

  • Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage – Pays for losses that result from incidents other than collision. It may include coverage for theft, vandalism or fire.
  • Carried Contents/Personal Belongings Coverage – Protects personal belongings on your bike that become lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage – This coverage option protects expensive aftermarket parts and accessories against theft and vandalism.

Are Accessories Covered Too?

Your standard motorcycle insurance may cover your original bike and parts but not any expensive additions. Adding accessory damage to your policy can help protect your favorite accessories from loss, theft or damage. Some of the common accessories protected under this coverage option include:

  • Custom Handlebars
  • Saddlebags
  • Electronics
  • And More

Invest in Total Insurance Protection

Does your current insurance policy protect your motorcycle against theft? No one wants to get caught without the right level of insurance coverage when they need it the most. Protect your motorcycle and your personal belongings by purchasing comprehensive coverage today!

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