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When Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

By December 13, 2021October 7th, 2022No Comments

As an individual who drives a car, you know that every vehicle on the road must be insured in accordance with state laws. The same goes for vehicles that are owned, rented or leased by businesses. From making deliveries to making sales calls, any vehicle that is used for business purposes will require commercial auto insurance.

A good commercial auto insurance policy will help protect: 

  • Your company; 
  • Your employees; 
  • The business’ vehicles; and 
  • Other drivers on the road. 

Let’s break it down a bit and take a look at each of these benefits. With medical payments coverage, your employees are covered in the event of injury while operating a vehicle for work. For instance, if a driver breaks a leg in a car crash, this policy can cover his or her medical expenses.

Collision and comprehensive coverage help protect vehicles that are damaged in any number of circumstances, including accidents, weather events, fire, flooding and more. Since cars, trucks and vans are such a large investment, it’s well worthwhile to protect them from damage.

Liability coverage, which is the type of coverage that is required by law, is designed to protect others in the event that one of your drivers causes damages to them. For instance, if an employee causes an accident, this policy can cover property damage and medical bills suffered by the other driver(s) involved in the wreck.

Whether your business operates a few cars or a large fleet of trucks, it’s important to ensure that these vehicles are properly protected by a custom-tailored commercial auto insurance policy. Our agents are ready to help you get started today. 

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